Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Zero Carbon Africa organizes “ARTing CLIMATE CHANGE” come September 27th

Sequel to the BBC World Service Trust 2008 report which states that climate change awareness in Nigeria could be as low as 1%, Zero Carbon Africa – an alliance of youth-led/focused organisations and young individuals committed to championing grassroots innovative solutions to climate change and empowering young people on environmental sustainability issues across Africa have come up with a coordinated approach to educate Nigerians on the dangers posed by climate change through an event tagged “ARTing CLIMATE CHANGE”.

Nigeria is already facing climate change challenges, as the southern coast of the country is being threatened by erosions and floods, while the northern is threatened by desert encroachment, sand invasion, food security issues among others thus, the call for ACTION.

In a bid to reach the vast majority of Nigerians which are youth; Zero Carbon Africa has set to host a Green Carpet [ARTing CLIMATE CHANGE] on 27th September, 2012. ARTing CLIMATE CHANGE will showcase the impact of climate change as it affect our lives in different sector of the society through the use of art – music, dance performance, poetry, paintings, locally produced video documentary and sharing of true stories.

Speaking with the Project Director, Zero Carbon Africa, Zaid Shopeju, he noted that their main objective of this initiative is to enlighten the public on climate change as a new reality for Nigeria and empower young people to play an active role as an agent of change in championing innovative solutions to address these impacts in their different local communities because art is one of the best ways to help people understand the science of climate change which will give it a human face.

 Shopeju further says, ‘to implement this project Zero Carbon Africa will be working with renowned and upcoming artists, poets, climate experts, public personalities who will showcase their work on environment protection and openly endorse the event as a sign of commitment to acting as environment ambassadors’.
In light to all of the preparation, the Communication Director, Isaiah Owolabi says, ‘there will be exhibition of different art works during the Green Carpet section of the event (paintings, books and more) not forgetting that young people have a strong inclination towards art.

Our approach is targeted at using art to get their attention in order to creatively pass our message; that young people can champion environmental, economic and social solutions for today and tomorrow’.
The visual art will include interpretive dance, drama presentations, poetry and more will be employed to educate and inform the public on the impacts of climate change on our society.

Giving an overview of the programme outlook, Mr. Owolabi went further to say that the event will birth the “National Day of Action on Climate change” where young people across Nigeria will take action on climate change for October 25, 2012, a one day action by young people in Nigeria to save today and preserve tomorrow!

Thus far, Zero Carbon Africa have been able to reach over 7million across Nigeria through TV and Radio programs that cut across different states and online radio from UN summit in Rio De Janiero. “Echoes from Rio” reach over 2 million Africa youth through online radio broadcast, live streamlining interviews, side events among others.

The Zero Carbon Africa is an alliance of HACEY’s Health Initiative, Youth Vision Alliance Network (YVAN), HEDA Resource Centre and Centre for 21st Century Issues


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